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Subject Title
General Education and Tutorials USB or Ethernet: Which Do I Choose?
Bandwidth and DI-8B/DI-5B Series Signal Conditioning Modules
What You Really Need to Know About Sample Rate
How much ADC Resolution do you Really Need?
How To Determine Loop Load in Process Current Measurements
The Fact, Folly and Mathematics of Analog to Digital Converter Resolution
Connection and Calibration of Strain-Gage Based Transducers Using DI-8B38 Series Amplifiers
How To Choose Strain Gage-based Transducers for PC-based Data Acquisition Applications
Strain Gage-Based Transducer and Amplifier Selection and Calibration
4-20mA Current Loop Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition Using LabVIEW and the ActiveX Controls (.pdf)
USB-to-Ethernet Adapters
Data Acquisition Gain and Dynamic Range Considerations
Networked Data Acquisition Using WinDaq Software
Frequency and True RMS Data Acquisition
Learn the Importance of Isolation in Four Easy Lessons
Getting Started in PC-based Data Acquisition
University of Akron FSAE
How to Make PC-based Measurements Without Programming
Enhancing Data Acquisition With Intelligent Oversampling
Intelligent Oversampling Methods Extend Measurement Flexibility
Data Acquisition Tips
Waveform Analysis Using the Fourier Transform
Scan Lists Add Flexibility to Data Acquisition
Five PC-Based Industrial Measurement Traps and How to Avoid Them
How To Calibrate Strain Gage-Based Transducers Using DI-5B38
Strain Amplifiers
Calibrating Non-Zero Offsets
Distributed Synchronous Ethernet Data Acquisition Bridge Structural Monitoring System - Distributed Synchronous Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems Satisfy Demanding I35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge Health Measurements
The Art and Science of Reliability
Synchronized and Distributed Data Acquisition Using DI-720/DI-730 Instruments in Hot Strip Steel Mills
Data Logger Three Easy Steps for Stand-alone Data Logging Using the DI-710
Setting Up and Configuring Channels on a DI-71X for Stand-alone Data Logger Operation (MultiMedia file 2:23)
Ethernet Resources

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Connecting and installing an Ethernet Data Logger directly to your PC using a Static IP address (MultiMedia file 2:53)
IP Address Configuration for DI-71X-E Data Loggers
Six Ways To Deploy Model DI-71X Ethernet Data Loggers and Data Acquisition Systems
How to Manage Dynamic IP Addresses In Data Acquisition Applications Over the Internet
Connecting to your DI-71X-E over a LAN (MultiMedia file 3:39)
Accessing Your DI-71X-E Over the Internet (MultiMedia file 2:16)
Thermocouple/Temperature How To Connect and Calibrate Thermocouples Using DI-8B47 Series Amplifiers
Thermocouple Measurements Profile Cement Curing Characteristics of Prosthetic Implants
How to Make Safe and Accurate Thermocouple Measurements Using Isolated Instrumentation
Synchronized and Distributed Data Acquisition Using DI-1000 Instruments in Hot Strip Steel Mills
Electric Motors Variable Speed Drive Measurements Using the DI-730
Solutions for Electromechanical Maintenance and Troubleshooting (.pdf)
DI-730 Aids Moon Roof Design and Qualification
Casting off with WinDaq Software
WinDaq Cuts Maintenance Costs in Steel Mill
DI-730 Tackles Tough Industrial Measurements
Excel and Data Acquisition An Introduction to WinDaq/XL (MultiMedia file (3:30))
Data Acquisition in Microsoft Excel—How to Import Recorded Data
Getting Started with WinDaq/XL
WinDaq Comes through in the Clutch
Using XControls with WinDaq/XL
WinDaq/MySQL How to Store Data using WinDaq/MySQL
Wireless Ethernet Data Acquisition Data Acquisition Hits the Roof at SAFECO Field
Four Easy Steps to Wi-Fi Data Acquisition
Hydraulics How Well Do Hydraulic Actuators Actuate?
WinDaq and the DI-730 Troubleshoot Hydraulic Systems
Injection Molding WinDaq and the DI-730 Service and Maintain Injection Molding Machines
Continuous Monitoring Who Stopped the Music?
WinDaq and the DI-400 Monitor Power Quality for an Electric Utility
WinDaq Monitors and Documents Control Rod Drive Welds
Life Sciences DATAQ Instruments' DI-720 Helps Save the California Wine Industry
WinDaq Software and the DI-720 Tackle Life Sciences Research
WinDaq Applications In Medical Research
Electromyogram (EMG) Waveform Analysis Using Advanced CODAS
High Speed Data Acquisition Detecting Relay Chatter in Rocket Launch Vehicles
Secrets For Successful High Speed Data Acquisition
Analysis Software A Closer Look at Advanced CODAS Software
A Closer Look at the Advanced CODAS Peak Capture Algorithm
A Closer Look at Waveform Integration with Advanced CODAS
A Closer Look at the Advanced CODAS Derivative Function
A Closer Look at the Advanced CODAS Moving Average Algorithm
Displacement Measurements Acquiring Displacement Data with a "String Pot"
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