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EL-USB-5 Event, Count, and State Data Logger

EL-USB-4 Current Data Logger

Product Highlights

  • Functions as an event, state, or counter logger
  • Logging rate of up to five times per second for events, two times per second for state changes and 100 times per second when counting
  • Stores up to 32,510 readings in event mode
  • Stores up to 32,510 readings in state change mode
  • Accepts input voltages of up to 24V
  • Volt free contacts option (normally open contact only)
  • Rising and falling edge triggering
  • LED flash on event/state change
  • Connection via two screw terminals
  • USB Interface for Set-up and Data Download
  • Replaceable Internal Lithium Battery

Record Times

Sampling Interval Record Time
1 sample every second 9 hours
1 sample every 10 seconds 90 hours
1 sample every minute 22 days
1 sample every 5 minutes 112 days
1 sample every 30 minutes 22 months
1 sample every hour > 2 years
1 sample every 6 hours > 2 years
1 sample every 12 hours > 2 years

EL-USB Data Logger Products for Any Application

EasyLog model EL-USB series products are a line of low cost, compact, battery-operated data loggers with built-in memory and USB interface. Each product in the line offers a specific measurement function and range (see table). From temperature and humidity to carbon monoxide trending, there's an EasyLog data logger that's right for you (click on the check-mark to jump to that product's page):

Measurement Model EL-USB
Function Range -LITE -1 -1-LCD -1-RCG -1-PRO -2 -2+ -2-LCD -2-LCD+ -3 -4 -5 -ACT -TC -TC-LCD -TP-LCD -CO -RT
Temperature -10°C to +50°C
(+14°F to +122°F)
Temperature -35 to +80°C
(-31 to +176°F)
  checkmark  checkmark                              
Temperature -20 to +60°C
(-4 to +140°F)
High Temperature -40 to +125°C
(-40 to +257°F)
        checkmark                     checkmark    
temperature, dew point
0 to 100% RH
-35 to +80°C
(-31 to +176°F)
          checkmark* checkmark*


Voltage 0 to 30 VDC                    checkmark                
Process current 4 to 20 mA                      checkmark              
Event, State, Count 3-28 VDC                        checkmark            
Current -1000 to 1000 mV                          checkmark          
Thermocouple -130 to +900°C (J)
-200 to +1300°C (K)
-200 to +350°C (T)
                           checkmark checkmark      
Carbon monoxide 0 to 1000 ppm                                  checkmark  
PC connected Temperature, Humidity, Dew point
(Learn more)
0 to 100% RH
-20 to +70°C
(-4 to +158°F)

*EL-USB-2+ provides higher accuracy measurements than the EL-USB-2 and the EL-USB-2-LCD.

Ordering Information, Models, and Prices

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Part Number Description Price
Same Day Shipping!
Event, State, and Count Data Logger
Includes EL-USB-5 data logger, measurement leads, software on CD, and battery.
BAT-3V6 Replacement 3.6V, 1200mAh lithium battery. $4.50
*Quantity discounts (single shipment lot) for orders of 25 units (of the same model) or more: 10%.

Note: All data loggers include EasyLog EL-USB Data Logger software and one lithium battery. Other accessories may be provided depending upon the model. These products are NOT compatible with WinDaq or WinDaq/XL Software packages.

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All EL-USB Data Loggers ship with EasyLog (EL-WIN-USB) software for setup and data review. Click here for software updates at Lascar Electronics (takes you to a different site).

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