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WinDaq-to-Excel Real Time Link

WinDaq/XL Data Acquisition Software Add On

Product Highlights

  • Real- time data logging directly to Microsoft Excel (supports MS Office 2000 or higher)
  • NEW! WinDaq/XL has been upgraded to include a Computer Time Stamp field and Trigger Options
  • "Run WinDaq Minimized" function
  • True Multitasking Operation
  • No programming
  • Single-Shot or Looping Real-Time Modes
  • Trigger Mode Support for High-Speed Snapshots
  • Instant Export from the Playback Software.

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WinDaq/XL is a software add-on to WinDaq/Lite, /Pro, /Pro+, and /HS that allows data acquired by these packages to be ported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The port can occur either in real time as data is being acquired, or through a direct link between Excel and WinDaq Playback software. WinDaq software performance is unaffected by the WinDaq/XL process, and both a WinDaq and Excel screen may be displayed simultaneously. Once resident in the Excel spreadsheet, the full analytical power of Excel may be brought to bear on WinDaq-acquired data to generate a limitless array of real- time calculations that lend insight and perspective to many applications. Continuous, real- time throughputs as high as 5,000 samples per second are achievable, depending on the speed of the computer.

Many data acquisition and analysis applications need to derive more insight from acquired data than the primary signals can provide. For example, combining torque and rpm to derive horsepower; Voltage and current to derive power; Statistical analyses including real time means, peaks, medians, standard deviations, etc.; Real time pie, bar, and column charts of raw or calculated data. WinDaq/XL allows all this and more by applying the calculating power of Excel to WinDaq-acquired data in real time from either data acquisition or Playback software.

Please Note: Files stored to removable SD memory cards of stand-alone DI-710, DI-718B, and DI-718Bx models cannot be exported to Microsoft Excel using WinDaq/XL. However, the standard export utiltity built into the supplied Playback software can create a file that can be imported directly by Excel.

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Real-time waveform data port to Microsoft Excel in real time Extends the analytical reach of WinDaq by providing a no-programming solution for calculated channels using the most prolific spreadsheet package available.
Single-shot or Looping real-time modes Allows WinDaq/XL to acquire a single scan of all enabled channels, or continuously loop through a definable number of Excel rows.
Trigger mode support for high speed snap shots WinDaq/XL supports the trigger mode of more advanced hardware data acquisition products to allow snapshots of data acquired as fast as 250,000 samples per second.
Instant export from the WinDaq Playback software
(supported in Windows Vista but only with Excel 2007)
Two export modes allow either a fixed number of samples ahead of the WinDaq Playback cursor, or a precise range of information defined by two Playback markers to be streamed instantly to Excel.
"Run WinDaq Minimized" function WinDaq runs in the background with only the Excel application displayed
No programming You specify only a few parameters within Excel and the rest is automatically handled by Excel and WinDaq/XL.
Supports all DATAQ Instruments recording systems All hardware products offered by DATAQ Instruments may be used with WinDaq/XL, from the most advanced systems to the most basic starter kits.

Who should use this?

  • Those who need to mathematically combine WinDaq-acquired waveforms to yield calculated channels in real time.
  • Those who need a different waveform presentation than WinDaq's waveform versus time. For example, real time bar, column and pie charts.
  • Program-adverse users who want nothing to do with a graphical or standard programming language, but who need to generate calculated results. Virtually everyone has used Excel, and it's now simple to integrate it with WinDaq.

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Part Number Description Price
WinDaq/XL Real time link to MS Excel (2000 version or better) requiring no programming.
You must have or upgrade to the most recent version of the WinDaq program you are using (Lite/HS/Pro/Pro+).
CD version - shipping charges apply.
WinDaq/XL-EMAIL WinDaq/XL via download. No CD will be shipped. $99
WinDaq/XL-UPGRADE Upgrade to the latest version of WinDaq/XL FREE for owners of versions 1.24 and later. FREE Online download

Note: Pricing outside the U.S. will be higher to account for shipping, taxes, duty, currency fluctuation, local warranty and technical support in your country.

Note: Files stored to removable SD memory cards of stand-alone DI-710, DI-718B, and DI-718Bx models cannot be exported to Microsoft Excel using WinDaq/XL. However, the standard export utiltity built into the supplied Playback software can create a file that can be imported directly by Excel. For Windows 7 users, WinDaq/XL is only supported when using Microsoft Excel version 2007 (or better). Excel 2010 requires you to select the 32-bit option.

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