Record Waveforms to Disk
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Record Waveforms to Disk

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The Record function in the File menu initiates recording to disk.


  1. In the File menu click on Record or press F4. This displays the Open File dialog box. Specify a file name to create a new file or open an existing file to append to it. If creating a new file, you will be prompted to specify a maximum file size. If appending to an existing file, you will be prompted to specify how much additional data to add to the existing file. In either case, you can specify file size in kilobytes or recording time. In the case of recording time, file size is based on the sample rate. Experiment with different file sizes, sample rates, and recording time to get the desired result. Move between the two text boxes with the mouse or TAB key. Entering information into the File Size box and pressing the TAB key will display the corresponding Recording Time in the Recording Time box and vice versa.



  1. Enter the desired file size or accept the default.


  1. Close the dialog box and begin recording by clicking OK or pressing the ENTER key.


When the desired file size is entered or the default is accepted, WinDaq enters RECORD mode where enabled analog channel data is simultaneously digitized, displayed on your monitor, and streamed to disk. The status field in the bottom annotation line indicates RECORD.



Click on Stop in the File menu or press Control + F4 to pause recording. This suspends data storage to disk, but the real time display remains active. The status field in the bottom annotation line indicates STBY when acquisition has been stopped.



As data is being recorded to disk, the amount of file space consumed is displayed in the “Storage:” field of the status bar as a percentage of total file space consumed.



Data acquisition to disk may be started and stopped as many times as desired. When the target data file has been filled and the Record Next File on Full option is disabled (under Preferences on the Edit menu), data acquisition to disk will cease, the “Storage:” field of the status bar will display “100% used” and the “Status” field of the status bar will display FILE FULL.



Each time recording is activated, an event marker is inserted in the data stream. This allows acquisition break points to be reviewed using WinDaq Waveform Browser playback software.