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Use WinDaq Acquisition Software to acquire waveforms directly and continuously to disk in the Windows™ operating environment while maintaining a real time display of the acquired waveforms on your monitor.


The real time display and disk streaming processes operate simultaneously up to the maximum rate of your hardware product (for DI-145 240 Hz throughput) (for DI-149 10,000 Hz throughput). With WinDaq Acquisition you can acquire data with any of our data acquisition instruments but since each hardware device contains drivers and documentation specific to that device you may need to install software specifically for your device. The real time display provides the most flexible and functional waveform display available. WinDaq Acquisition allows you to maintain complete control over data acquisition parameters in real time through its unique mouse, keyboard, or toolbox control features. Pull down menus, simple keystrokes, or a toolbox button control sample rate, waveform compression, the number of channels enabled, event markers, disk storage, and much more. All the while, the real time display is active and providing a constantly updated picture of the waveform data being recorded.


There are three basic software packages for WinDaq Acquisition: WinDaq/Lite, which allows you to sample a single channel or multiple channels at a total throughput rate of 240 Hz (i.e., 1 channel at 240 Hz, 2 channels at 120 Hz each, etc.); WinDaq/Pro or High Speed, which allows you sample a single channel or multiple channels at a throughput rate only limited by your hardware (acquisition device and PC - not available with DI-145 instruments); and WinDaq/Pro+, which allows you to sample multiple channels at different rates using a sample rate denominator (not available with DI-145 instruments) (not available with DI-149 instruments).


This HELP file will guide you through the steps required to run WinDaq Acquisition with your DI-145 USB data acquisition starter kit with your DI-149 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit.