Fast Scroll
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Fast Scroll



When enabled, this option causes the display to scroll only in multiples of 16 pixels. Useful when scrolling speed is limited by display hardware.


Scrolling by 16 pixels is the result of manipulating the display software in whole word chunks rather than individual bits. This is the optimum condition for display scrolling. The advantage of these whole word manipulations is they take less processor time, which results in faster screen updates. However if the scrolling speed is slow, scrolling by 16 pixels detracts from the smoothness of the scroll and delays the presentation of new data by 16 samples per channel.



Activating Procedure


 In the Options menu click on Fast Scroll.


  Choose Options Fast Scroll (ALT, O, F).


When the fast scroll option is enabled, a check mark will be displayed on the Options menu immediately preceding the Fast Scroll command.