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Maximum USB Burst Rate 


Note: This preference is only available for DI-149 and DI-155 products.


The Maximum USB Burst Rate preference allows you to tweak the burst rate when superfluous gaps occur in your data (using a DI-149 or DI-155). Some USB ports may not be able to handle acquisition at high speeds and require you to lower the burst rate.


To set the maximum USB Burst Rate:


 In the Preferences sub-menu click on Maximum USB Burst Rate


  Choose Edit Preferences Maximum USB Burst Rate (ALT, E, P, U).



When Maximum USB Burst Rate is selected, a dialog box allowing you the enter a burst rate value displays.



Enter a value in the Maximum USB Burst Rate text box and click OK. Finding the most ideal burst rate is a matter of trial and error. Once an optimized burst rate is selected use the File > Save Default Setup command to save the value.