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When issued, the Exit command quits WinDaq Acquisition.



Activating Procedure


 In the File menu click on Exit.


  Choose File Exit (ALT, F, X).


When in the SET-UP operating mode and the Exit command is chosen, the following dialog box is displayed. You are required to select one of the options prior to exiting.



OK Command Button

Activating the OK button forces the acquisition program to exit to the Program Manager window without saving anything (i.e., calibration or set-up parameters). If calibration or set-up parameters were previously provided and saved (by using the SAVE DEFAULT SETUP command), they will be unaffected by this command.


Cancel command button

Activating the Cancel button returns you to the acquisition display (cancels your exit request).



Special Considerations


When in either the RECORD or STBY operating mode and an exit is requested, the prompt in the exit dialog box indicates that the data file will first be closed if the OK button is selected.



In this case, the command buttons function exactly the same as described above. However, the calibration or set-up parameters can be saved by first selecting the Cancel button followed by Save Default Setup (from the File menu) then selecting the OK button.





Keystroke Example




Exit WinDaq Acquisition.

OK or Cancel

As required.