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Special Considerations

Amplitude Adjustments and Plot Scaling

Scaling of the X-Y plot automatically conforms to that of the associated Y-T waveforms. The “X” Y-T channel scaled in mmHg will scale the X-Y plot's X axis in mmHg. Similarly, the “Y” Y-T channel scaled in ml will scale the X-Y plot's Y axis in ml. Refer to EU Settings to change volts to engineering units.


Beyond engineering units calibration, WinDaq Waveform Browser allows changes in amplitude and offset to be applied to any Y-T waveform (refer to Channel Scaling and Offset for further information). As the X or Y channel of a Y-T waveform is adjusted for scale and offset, the X-Y plot automatically adjusts. This feature may be used to center an X-Y plot on the screen (by applying offset adjustments to the Y-T waveforms), or to bring off-scale portions of X-Y plots into view (by applying scaling adjustments to the Y-T waveforms).


X-Y Plot Grids, Annotation, and Hard Copy

The Grid pattern and ±full scale annotation for the X-Y plot assume the same state as that enabled for normal operation. Refer to Screen Grid Pattern Control and Waveform Annotation Control for further information. In addition, the X-Y display mode is supported by the Print Screen function allowing a hard copy of any display to be generated. Refer to the Print Screen function for further information.