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Special Considerations

Before any event mark editing operations may be used, event marks must be enabled for display (for example, this is done by pointing to the Options menu and dragging down to Event Marks; by choosing Options Event Marks with ALT, O, V keystrokes; or by using the ALT+F8 accelerator key sequence). See Search-for-Event for more details.


Any event markers created on waveforms through use of the INS key will be permanently stored to the data file to allow review at a later date.


When attempting to seek an event mark in either direction where one does not exist, an audible beep will sound, the display will fail to move, and an error message will be displayed. Click on the OK box or press the ENTER key to clear the error message.


To protect start and event marks inserted in WinDaq Acquisition Software, Edit > Insert Mark will not insert upward-going marks into Channel 1 or change the direction of existing marks. HiRes WWB will also not insert Channel 1 downward-going marks, used for event marks that are not starts. Edit > Delete Mark and Edit > Clear Marks to TM will not delete Channel 1 start or event marks. Advanced CODAS will not peak capture channel 1.