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Worksheet Tab

Specify a Worksheet name and the starting cell inside the worksheet (default is A1) with the Worksheet tab. You may also export data into an existing Excel Workbook.



Worksheet Name

Check this box to specify a worksheet name. Enter the worksheet name in the provided text box. If this is not checked and specified, Excel will use the default worksheet name "Sheet1."


Start Cell

Enter the cell (Letter and Number) to specify a cell to start import to. The maximum starting cells are column HZ, row 100. Specifying a cell beyond column HZ or row 100 will change the "Start Cell" to A1.


Export into Existing Workbook

Check this box to specify an already existing workbook to port data to. Use the Browse button to find the workbook. Please Note: This will overwrite any data (cells and formulas) in the existing workbook though new data will not be saved until the Save command is used in Excel.


These options are saved in the program for the next time you access the WWB to Excel utility.


Explore each tab below:


Export - Specify what data points to export.

Time Stamp - Specify time stamp format.

Events - Specify event markers and format.

Worksheet - Specify worksheet name, starting cell, and append.

Comments - Specify comments to include in export.

Back - Specify what happens when using the back button.