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Exiting Fourier Transform Mode

To exit the split screen mode and return to the Y-T mode of operation:


  In the View menu click on Exit/Enter Split.


   Choose View Exit/Enter Split (ALT, V, X).



Exiting the split screen display in this way retains the power spectrum data in memory so the two modes can be quickly toggled between if desired.


Alternatively, you may terminate the WinDaq Waveform Browser package from the split screen mode by:


  In the File menu click on Exit.


   Choosing File Exit (ALT, F, X).


If you exit from the split screen mode with the option of saving the WinDaq Waveform Browser state, the state that existed at the time the program was terminated becomes the default condition the next time the file is reviewed. Elements of the saved state are mark positions, whether an FFT or DFT was activated, the input average factor, magnitude in engineering units or db, the window type (Hamming, Blackman, etc.), and the frequency axis magnification factor.


Note that a significant relationship exists between the location of marks and the resulting power spectrum. To ensure that the current screen display is reproduced when quitting with the save-state option, no mark adjustments should be made following the generation of the last FFT.