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Backward Range

This function allows you to conveniently scroll through, in a backward direction, all the consecutive channels you have enabled when they can’t be displayed on the monitor all at once. This function is most useful when many channels are enabled (such as with an EXP Series channel multiplexer or with DI-500 Series channel expanders) and the size of your monitor or the amount of screen space devoted to the WinDaq Waveform Browser window prevents you from seeing them all.


To display consecutive channels that are lower-numbered than the one at the top of your monitor:


  In the View menu click on Backward Range.


   Choose View Backward Range (ALT, V, K).


For example, say you have 32 channels of data enabled for acquisition but for ease of viewing and to keep a high degree of detail, you want only 8 displayed at a time on your monitor. You can use the Backward Range command to conveniently scroll backward through the remaining channels of data. Just select Backward Range from the View menu (or use CTRL+↑ keystrokes). The next lower-numbered 8 channels will be displayed.