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Acquisition Assignments

This option allows you to enable/disable the display of acquisition assignments in the field normally used for engineering units. When enabled, the logical vs. physical channel number assignments replace the engineering units at the baseline, and upper and lower chart-edge values are also displayed. Note that it is not possible to display both engineering units and acquisition assignments at the same time, one will be automatically disabled. If the data display option is enabled, the logical vs. physical channel number assignments revert to engineering units instead of toggling off when acquisition assignments are disabled. To enable acquisition assignments (if disabled, or disable them if enabled):


  In the Options menu click on Acquisition Assignments.


   Choose Options Acquisition Assignments (ALT, O, A).


When acquisition assignments are enabled a check mark will be displayed on the Options menu immediately preceding the acquisition assignments command.



Note that the display annotation options can be enabled in virtually any combination to provide the desired result. However, in some instances one annotation option will override another.