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Special Considerations

The compression ratio is the number of data points for each enabled channel that are evaluated for a peak value. If the compression ratio equals twenty, then one peak value is plotted for every twenty evaluated data points.


The direction of waveform compression is from either side of the display window centered on the cursor.


Cursor Mode Control (Mid, Min, Max, or MxMn) for compressed displays

The waveform compression function operates by accumulating n number of waveform samples (where n equals the compression ratio). From these samples, a line is then displayed, where the end points of the line equal the absolute minimum and maximum values detected for the sample group. When both the cursor and the Waveform Data functions are enabled, a dilemma exists regarding the appropriate value to report since multiple waveform segments have been compressed into one. To a degree, the cursor mode control solves this problem by allowing you to specify the value of a compressed line segment at cursor intersection as either its minimum, maximum, mid point, or maximum/minimum quantity. Mid reports the compressed line segments mid point value. Min reports the minimum value of the compressed line segment. Max reports the maximum value of the compressed line segment. MxMn reports both the maximum and the minimum compressed line segment values in a blood pressure like format (i.e., separated by a slash, such as 120/80).


You have the option of choosing between MID, MIN, MAX, and MxMn line segment reporting. To select the desired line segment reporting method:


  Click the desired radio option button (either MID, MIN, MAX, or MxMn). A dark dot will appear in the radio option button when selected. Then click OK.


   Press the TAB key until one of the three radio option buttons (MID, MIN, MAX, or MxMn) becomes selected. When a radio option button is selected, a dotted box will surround the option and a dark dot will appear in the radio option button. Press TAB until the OK command button becomes selected. Press ENTER.


The currently active cursor mode during a compressed display session remains active for the Export function. Waveform segments are pasted as MID, MIN, MAX, or MxMn values. Refer to the Export function for more details.