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Special Considerations

The area near the bottom of the screen reserved for waveform data is large enough to report eight or less waveforms. Should a file consisting of more than eight channels be played back, Display Format 10 may be used to view up to 29 channels along with a window designator for each. To examine the value of a waveform that is not currently displayed in the waveform data area, press the key corresponding to its window (1 through 9, A,B,C,...,W). Note that the default state of the waveform data area is the display of waveform windows 1 through 8. Pressing the G key forces the display of windows A through G. Sequential pressing of the 9,A,B,C,...,W keys from the default state will replace the display of waveform window values 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 as each is pressed. When the waveform data area contains values for windows P through W, pressing the 1 key forces the display of windows 1 through 8.


The annotated waveform value will be either the raw waveform voltage, or the waveform voltage converted into engineering units if this feature has been enabled.