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Waveform Display

Supported Windows™ operating systems:

Win95 and higher

Channel capacity:


Number of displayed channels:

32 maximum

Display formats:

Overlapping and non-overlapping

Waveform compression:

Allows a compressed view of displayed waveforms. Supports compression factors of 1 (no compression) to whatever factor required to display entire waveform file on the screen.

Waveform display modes:

Y vs. t; Frequency vs. amplitude; X vs. Y

Event marker display:

Displays event marker number, time and date of activation, and supplied comment in special display window.*



Waveform Measurement

Single point cursor-oriented measurements (Y vs. t):

Amplitude measurements per channel in calibrated units; Elapsed time; Time and date at cursor.*

Dual point cursor-oriented measurements (Y vs. t):

Time measurements on the same or across different channels; D%; Y-value difference; Two-point slope (d/dt); Number of samples; Hz; Cycles per minute.

Cursor-oriented measurements (Freq vs. amplitude):

Frequency vs. db; Frequency vs. magnitude (in engineering units)




Waveform Analysis

Statistical calculations:

min; max; variance; standard deviation; mean; median; sum; sum-of-squares; skewness; rms, least squares differential, area bounded by curve

Statistical calculation range:


Fourier Transform calculation ranges:

32 to 16,384 points (FFT); 2 to 8,191 points (DFT)

Selectable FFT windows:

sin2, Hamming, Bartlett, Blackman

Graphical power spectrum editing:

For hi-pass, lo-pass, band-pass, and notch.

Inverse Fourier Transform range:

2 to 16,384 points. Time domain waveforms are inserted into display windows as calculated channels.




File Management

Maximum file size:


Supported data file export translators:

WinDaq(CODAS) format to any spreadsheet (CSV), ASYST, ASYSTANT, DADiSP, CODAS, general purpose binary or ASCII.

Supported data file import translators:

Any spreadsheet (CSV), ASYST, ASYSTANT, DADiSP, CODAS, general purpose binary and ASCII, DIF, LabTech Notebook ASCII and binary integer/real to WinDaq(CODAS) format.

Data file translator range:


CODAS data file format:

16-bit binary with data file header and trailer. Fully documented in User's Manual and help file.




Waveform Hard Copy


Print screens and continuous form

Continuous form hard copy:

Generates an unlimited length of continuous hard copy of any combination of channels.

Supported hard copy printers:

H-P LaserJet and compatible, H-P ThinkJet, H-P DeskJet, any IBM-compatible graphics dot-matrix printer supporting the Epson Graphics Command Language

Supported printer resolutions:

75, 150, and 300DPI (printer-dependent)



Hardware Requirements


PC-type computer


Math co-processor contributes marginally to performance.


Microsoft Windows 95 or higher

Number of Hard Drives:


Number of Parallel Printer Ports:

One (for hard copy)