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EMG Data And Strain Gauge Data

Oct 28 (11 months ago)
Anonymous wrote
I am a sports science researcher from, Anadolu University, Turkey. We currently get electromyography(EMG) data using Delsys brand wireless EMG sytsem. The system has wireless electrodes, and its own acqusation software. So we get the electric signals, produced by muscles during human movements.

In the new project, we want to use wireless strain gauges to collect the force data. The strain gauges will be placed onto rowers paddles. But we donr have any strain gauge system.(senseors, amplifier, data acquier)

My questions are;

1. Can you advice a qualified strain gauge sytem (wireless sensors, amplifier, etc)
2. The most important part of the project is the synchronisation of the EMG and strain gauge system. We want to collect the EMG and force data simultaneously in order to process it simultaneously.

Have a good day,
Thank You
7 Answers
Oct 28 (11 months ago)
Shawn agent wrote

I've forwarded you inquiry to our sales department. Someone will contact you shortly.

Shawn MacDonald
Application Engineer
DATAQ Instruments Inc.
Oct 29 (11 months ago)
DATAQ Support agent wrote
Thank you for your inquiry. Acquiring both EMG and strain gauge information is not difficult for us, but conditioning the strain gauge signal might be. The model DI-8B38 amplifiers that we sell are designed for use with strain-based sensors and are not generally not used for general-purpose strain measurements. They are a full-bridge design, which means that you need to supply external bridge completion resistors for half- and quarter-bridge configurations, and they do not provide any front-end offset control. They are most suited for strain-based sensors (load cells, pressure sensors, torque sensors, etc.) where the built-in bridge is constrained and well-defined.

An exception to the above is where the strain measurement and does not present large initial offsets, and you can provide bridge completion externally. In that case, the 8B38 amplifier is suitable for direct strain measurements subject to expected full scale microstrain value and gauge factor.

Please advise at your convenience.
Oct 29 (10 months ago)
Anonymous wrote
Thank you for your fast response,
As I am new in this field of data collecting, I think I need some further information.

First, by acquiring the EMG and strain guauge information, I mean I need to start listening them precisely same time, and collecting data same time. Is this possible?

I want to use wireless sensors(straing gauges) for strain measurement. My aim here is measuring the force on paddles due to bending moment. So I can translate direct strain to force by equations, or a sensor calculating the force due to bending moment would be fine.
What do you mean with "completing the bridge externally"? Isn't it possible to find full bridge strain gage sensors? If not, how can I convert a half or quarter bridge to a full one?
And lastly, what do you mean with front-end offset control and initial offsets?

Forgive me for lots of questions, but I need to understand them before purchasing.

Have a good day,
Oct 30 (10 months ago)
DATAQ Support agent wrote
All bridges are full bridges consisting of four resistors. A bridge that has four active gauges is a full bridge and does not require any passive bridge completion resistors. Some have only two active gauges. Those are half bridges and require two passive bridge completion resistors. Finally, some only one one active gauge. Those are quarter bridges and require three passive bridge completion resistors.

Sorry, but I do not believe that we have a product for you to consider.
Nov 01 (10 months ago)
Anonymous wrote
Thank you for your patience,

Actually, I read your brand in article, which says strain gage results are amplified by dataq , and and strain gage data is collected at 100 hz by windaq software. You can fin that part of the article attached.
I already use wireless emg sensors and amplifier and emg systems own data logger.
My question is, is it possible to log EMG data and strain data by your software to achive synchronisation of EMG and strain gage?

Have a great day.
Nov 01 (10 months ago)
Anonymous wrote
The attachment
Nov 02 (10 months ago)
DATAQ Support agent wrote
The article you reference was not written by us. I suggest that you contact the author to determine how they worked around the products I have already outlined: Input offset and bridge completion. Our products will work only if these two problems are resolved.