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vb programming DI-155

Aug 13, 2015
Werner Scherer wrote
Hi there,

i just bought a DI-155 with the intention to use it as a control mecanism for my "Blower Door Test" equipment.
I´m not so experienced in VB-programming, say somwhere in between of beginner and advanced.
What i want to do:
i receive 2 signals from my test setup.
0-10 V analog from my pressure transmitter
digital signal from an air speed gauge
the output should be a 0-10V signal wich controls the fan-speed (e.g. the differntial pressure in hause/outside)
(til now, i control the fan-speed manually and take the reading by eye)

the vb program is not the problem, i designed a windows-look-and-feel form with all the necessary buttons, text fileds, etc.
til now i couldnt mangage the programming of the daq-device.
Is there somebody who had the same/similar problem or is experienced to help?

many thanks in advance, Werner
1 Answer
Aug 13, 2015
Shawn agent wrote

To be clear, the DI-155 does not have an analog voltage output. The outputs are digital (0V or 5V).

You'll find our collection of VB example programs at:

You can download the ActiveX help file at:

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