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File will not open (.wdc)

Apr 07, 2015
Joe wrote
I am not able to open a .wdc data file in the browser. I can open other .wdc files just not this specific one. When I try and open it I get a Convert Output Open popup menu.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, were you able to open the file or what was the cause?
1 Answer
Apr 08, 2015
Ken agent wrote
This can happen to customers who neglect to the lock the SD card before using it in Windows. For example, doing a Save in WWB for SD writes back to the card, which can wipe out he first block of the file header, or even corrupt the special FAT16 file system on the card, rendering files unreadable by Windows. If only the first block of the file is lost, it may be recoverable by using the header saved in the hidden HARDWARE.BIN file on the card, or from another .WDC file acquired with the same setup. If data recovery is important, zip the affected file with a file containing header information and attach the resulting .zip file to your reply unless it is too large.