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software stall during data recording

Feb 03, 2015
pdefranco wrote
The graphic display of my DI-149 data acquisition software keeps stalling during recording sessions and won't restart. The data files are only about 15-20% full. The input signal to the DI-149 is +/- 2 to 3 V DC output from an electrometer. There aren't any spikes evident in the signal. Any ideas?
1 Answer
Feb 03, 2015
Shawn agent wrote
Lockups can be the result of common mode voltage, or environmental noise (generated by motors, solenoids, etc).

You might try connecting the negative side of one of the digital inputs to Earth/chassis ground.

A ferrite choke on one end of the USB cable will help reduce the likelihood of lockups due to environmental noise.

You'll find ferrite chokes on our website at:

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