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Regarding Windaq Windowed FFT

Sep 08, 2014
Elizabeth wrote
I have recently attempted low and high-pass filtering an ~37,000 point file.
I have a question regarding the process:
Is it possible to apply the filter to the whole file rather than whatever falls within the left and right frame?
I have attempted to find a detailed manual describing the filtering process and Windaq's FFT capabilities, but am coming up dry.

I've read through the online and software accessible manuals regarding FFT, but I'm finding them less helpful than I had hoped they would be.
1 Answer
Sep 09, 2014
Shawn agent wrote
Hi Elizabeth,

Unfortunately there is no way to apply a filter to the entire file in the WinDaq Waveform Browser.

You'll find information (and a download) for an unsupported method on our old support forum at:

The DECINTFL.zip file contains a readme.doc for instructions.

This is a third party application and not supported by DATAQ.

Hope this helps.

DATAQ Instruments Support