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Aquisision Methods

Feb 25, 2015
wenquan wrote
Could anyone please tell me where to find the definitions of the 6 different Acquisition Methods? These 6 methods are Average, Last Point, Maximum, Minimum, RMS, and Frequency.

My question is: how do I choose an acquisition method from the 6 different methods when I only want to take the data samples from a time-domain signal in such a way that one sample is taken at the exact instant when every 5 millisecond strikes? What does it mean by Acquisition Method of Average when only one sample is taken at the precise instant of sampling? Average with what?

Does the DI-155 take a number of samples around a sampling instant and then average them to make a fake value to represent the actual value of the signal at the sampling instant?

1 Answer
Feb 25, 2015
Shawn agent wrote
For an explanation of the various acquisition methods, see our online help page on the subject at: