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Using the .NET v1 SDK, How can I chart with DQChart

Jul 18, 2015
Piotr Papiez wrote
Using SDK v.1... I would like to insert a DQChart for each channel monitored via DI-149. The goal is to display live feed on a custom GUI. In addition, I would like to get the raw data so that it can be converted to custom units (ie. Volts, RPM etc.)
3 Answers
Jul 20, 2015
Chen agent wrote
I don't have an example for you, please see if the following tutorial will help you

Jul 20, 2015
Piotr Papiez wrote
I've been trying many different ways, all with no luck. In the past I was able to write 4 different programs to operate with 4 different DI-149 boxes. One of them suddenly quit working with my programs but does still work with the WinDAQ software. I connected this box to other computers running my programs and they all quit working for good (weird) as if this particular DI-149 messed with something in the background. Now I can't get anything to work whether trying to use the activex or dataqsdk beta. Neither previously completed programs nor new VB2010 Apps work. Is anyone interested in trying to put together a simple connect & plot example, with the minimum code requirement to keep things simple?
Jul 21, 2015
Ken agent wrote
Although DQChart will work on 64-bit computers, it can only be called from 32-bit code, and until someone writes a .NET version of it, it is much easier to use it with WinDaq.ocx or DataqSdk.ocx than in VB.NET to create the Variant that it requires. If you can use WinDaq to set up the device, WinDaq.ocx can return data in Engineering Units as configured in WinDaq.

With DataqSdk.ocx, in help file dataqxc.chm double click "Reference Materials", then click "Converting Counts to Volts".
To also get the raw data, see the example program at http://support.dataq.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2617, or under Reference Materials, see topic "How to Extract Information from a Variant". This can be done before passing the data on to DQChart or to an instance of it for each channel.

While logged on as an administrator, download and install the latest WinDaq software for the DI-149 and the latest ActiveX controls. Make sure that WinDaq works.
From http://support.dataq.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2623 download DataqSdk.zip, unzip it, and with VB2010 convert it and change the DeviceDriver and DeviceID to match your COM port and device.
If you have trouble, see the questions and answers posted in that section or go to http://www.ultimaserial.com/programdataqsdk.htm for an alternate program.