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How to connect 2 GL220 to 1 PC

Mar 23, 2015
Daniel Gingras wrote
I saw that we need a USB HUB but that's all I found

thank for your help

1 Answer
Mar 24, 2015
Shawn agent wrote
Hi Daniel,

In order to connect multiple GL220s to the same machine, you'll need to set different USB IDs. To do so, press the 'Menu' button and navigate to the 'OTHR' tab. You'll see the 'USB ID' field there.

When running the GL220_820APS software, specify the model numbers (both GL220s in this case) and the unique USB IDs. You'll then click the 'Connect' button for each unit.

Upon doing so, you'll see multiple tabs in the GL220_820APS software; one for each GL220.

Shawn MacDonald
Application Engineer
DATAQ Instruments Inc.