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communications to di 194rs

Feb 01, 2015
jason wrote
Hello I was wondering if someone could help with issue im having... I have di194 unit to com1 and software installed of which when I start program the exe file starts in process tree and com port sends info from exe to 194 and says successful during all transmitions ... isuue is the program screen does not come up and if I ask program to start again from desktop it says all ready running... I have win xp service pack 3 and new version of windaq for starter kits, the only thing I can think of is possible mixup on the cable that can with the unit originally... is there a special pinout for cable and if so why would com port say success as of now??? I cant get program to start there are no errors just says at desktop but two .exe files start in processdicom101.exe and di1000ant but no picture??? also uninstalled a few time and still no good??? help
1 Answer
Feb 02, 2015
Shawn agent wrote
Hi Jason,

Sorry, the DI-194RS has been obsolete for several years, and support for this product is limited.

As of April, 8 2014, support for Windows XP is also discontinued.

You can download the latest installation for your DI-194RS at:
The contemporary replacement for the DI-194RS is the USB connected DI-145.
For more on the DI-145, go to:
DATAQ Instruments Support