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Recording multiple files

Oct 05 (11 months ago)
Byron Oliva wrote
I recently asked a question and had it answered but my tickets do not currently show up. I have 4 data loggers (DI-155) with WinDAQ HS running on each. I want to continuously log voltages. I have the file set to record for a 24hr period and want that file to close at the end of the 24hr period and then begin another file so that each day is saved to the hard drive. Is this possible, and if so, how do I set this up? I originally set it up to record for that 24hr, but it looks like there's only one file after 4 days and it just overwrites that single file rather than creating a new one automatically.

Byron Oliva
2 Answers
Oct 05 (11 months ago)
Shawn agent wrote

This can be done using the 'Open New File on Full' and 'Record Next File on Full' features. See our tutorial on the subject at:

DATAQ Instruments Support

Oct 05 (11 months ago)
Byron Oliva wrote
Excellent....thanks Shawn!