DATAQ Instruments Application Notes and News

Ready-to-run PC-based Data Acquisition Software

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq You can take the programming out of PC-based data acquisition and still enjoy all the advantages offered by computer technology. Just make sure the ready-to-run PC-based data acquisition software you choose has the features you need. There’s a common misconception regarding personal computers, data acquisition, and programming. It seems Read More

Medical Research and WinDaq

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq Medical research applications can be very demanding on PC-based instrumentation. The problem is the range and quantity of the signals measured. Consider those of a typical cardiovascular application: Left ventricular pressure Arterial pressure Aortic blood flow Electrocardiogram Taken individually, any one of these signals does not present a particular Read More

How To Choose Strain Gage-based Transducers for PC-based Data Acquisition Applications

Data Acquisition > Mixed Measurements PC-based data acquisition and logger products can be applied to monitor, record and analyze a wide range of signal types. However few are more common than strain gage-based transducers that measure a diverse range of mechanical properties like pressure, load, force, and more. This application note explores some critical items Read More

Medical Research using WinDaq

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq Data acquisition hardware and software offer unique waveform storage and analysis features particularly useful for medical research applications. WinDaq in tandem with Advanced CODAS analysis software has been applied in a wide range of medical research (MR) applications; a market segment notoriously demanding in both price and performance. An Read More

DI-730 Tackles Tough Industrial Measurements

Data Acquisition > Voltage > DI-730 Imagine this measurement environment: Simultaneous measurements of 400+ source volts and 50 millivolt current shunts that are hundreds of volts off-ground. Now imagine trying to make this measurement against the background noise of SCRs chopping the motor supply at a 10 kHz rate. Traditional PC-based instrumentation vaporizes in this Read More

University of Akron FSAE

Data Acquisition > Mixed Measurements DATAQ Instruments, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the¬†University of Akron FSAE team. Each year University of Akron mechanical engineering students design a small Formula SAE car and compete with other Universities across the country. DATAQ Instruments’ data acquisition products help them come up with new innovations and designs as Read More

Thermocouple Assembly

Data Acquisition > Thermocouple Follow these instructions to connect a thermocouple to your miniature connector: Unscrew and remove the top of the miniature connector. Remove the rubber washer from the miniature connector and slide it over the tip of the thermocouple wire. Partially loosen the inside screws. Insert the wires under the appropriate screws and Read More

Electromyogram (EMG) Waveform Analysis Software with Advanced CODAS

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq > Advanced CODAS With the advent of data acquisition systems, acquiring data from real-world applications has never been easier, more accurate, or more reliable. Once acquired, the data file can be examined and analyzed just as easily. In some applications, the data requires little or no analysis. Simply reviewing Read More

Detecting Relay Chatter in Rocket Launch Vehicles

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq Imagine the vibrations you’d encounter as you were launched into space by a rocket. Now imagine how these vibrations can affect on-board control circuits. Since the failure of even one such component during launch can be both costly and tragic, engineers strive to simulate as much of the mission Read More

Learn the Importance of Isolation In Four Easy Lessons

Data Acquisition > Voltage The concept of isolation when applied to¬†instrumentation can be difficult to grasp for many who do not have formal instrumentation training or experience. Yet, an understanding of what it is, why it’s important, and when you need it, is fundamental for safe and productive measurements in so many measurement applications. This Read More