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WiFi Range Considerations

Data Logger > Wireless We carry several WiFi products and we’re often asked about their┬árange. In other words, how far from the WiFi router can the data loggers be located? Unfortunately, this is like asking us to forecast┬áthe weather next Sunday. There are simply too many variables for us to predict how well any WiFi Read More

Wireless Data Acquisition Hits the Roof at SAFECO Field

Data Acquisition > Ethernet As seen in Desktop Engineering, May 2001 You spend all day slaving over charts and numbers. It’s nice to get away from work and enjoy yourself. Maybe you’ll take in a baseball game. At least data acquisition won’t be able to find you there… or so you think. You’d be wrong Read More

WiFi Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition > Ethernet Four Easy Steps to WiFi Data Acquisition Wireless fidelity, also know as WiFi, is a term used to describe wireless networking technology. Instead of using cables to move data through an Ethernet network, WiFi uses radio waves, eliminating the need for a physical connection to send and receive data. This allows Read More

Introducing the All-new EL-WiFi-TP Wireless Temperature Data Logger

Data Logger > Lascar > EL-WiFi Series > EL-WiFi-TH Several weeks ago we announced the addition of the EL-WiFi-TH to our product line. The EL-WiFi-TH allows you to acquire temperature and humidity data, and then access that data wirelessly via your WiFi network. Our latest addition, the EL-WiFi-TP gives you the ability to acquire temperature Read More