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Opens the WWB ExcelLink utility for direct data export to Microsoft Excel.


To Use WWB ExcelLink:

1. WWB ExcelLink only supports versions of Microsoft Excel from 2003 and up. Versions earlier than 2003 can use the File > Save As method to export data to Excel.

2. To use WWB ExcelLink, one must install WinDaq/WWB as Admin to give communication permission between WWB and Excel.

3. WWB ExcelLink only works with WinDaq file stored locally. Excel may block access to network file due to permission


Explore the WWB to Excel utility below:


Activating Procedure

Export - Specify what data points to export.

Time Stamp - Specify time stamp format.

Events - Specify event markers and format.

Worksheet - Specify worksheet name, starting cell, and append.

Comments - Specify comments to include in export.

Back - Specify what happens when using the back button.