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1000 Series Biomedical Amplifier Cages

Modular Cage Houses Up To 6 Amplifiers

CC-1000 amplifier cage

1000 Series Biomedical Amplifier Cages Data SheetDownload the 1000 Series Biomedical Amplifier Cages Data Sheet





Part Number Description Price
CC-1000 19", 6-slot amplifier cage with power supply (110/220VAC, 50/60Hz) and power-supply-to-cage cable. $1225 Qty: 
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CC-1000/NP 19", 6-slot amplifier cage without power supply. $805 Qty: 
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BP-1000 Cover plate for empty CC-1000 cage slots. $45 Qty: 
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DTE-1000 Desktop enclosure for CC-1000 and CC-1000/NP cages. $495 Qty: 
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Product Highlights

Each amplifier cage is a modular system that can house up to 6 plug-in amplifier modules at once. A separate power supply, provided with the CC-1000 cage, supplies power to each amplifier slot. Each power supply is capable of supporting two cages. Unused amplifier positions may be covered with optional blank module cover plates. The lower-cost CC-1000 and CC-1000/NP (with no power supply) may be used to deliver amplifier output signals to DI-720 and DI-722 Series data acquisition instruments.

CC-1000(1) and CC-1000/NP(1) Specifications

CC-1000/NP CC-1000
Power supply voltages n/a ±12V @ 2A,
+5V @ 3A
Module cage power connection n/a 5-pin DIN
Power supply-to-cage cable n/a 6 ft. shielded
Power requirements n/a 115 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 75VA
Desktop enclosure DTE-1000 DTE-1000
Bus connectors 60-pin card-edge 60-pin card-edge
Capacity 6 modules 6 modules
Dimensions (inches) 5.25 × 19 × 8.67 5.25 × 19 × 8.67
Construction cast & extruded aluminum cast & extruded aluminum

(1) The CC-1000 and CC-1000/NP ARE NOT to be used in human life support applications.