Documentation Conventions
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Documentation Conventions

Before you start using WinDaq Acquisition, it is helpful to understand the terms and conventions used in this documentation.


General Conventions




Keyboard icon

Mouse icon

Toolbox button icon (typical)



Mouse Conventions


In general, most WinDaq Acquisition mouse actions require only the left mouse button. For example, carrying out a menu command or working in a dialog box requires only the left mouse button. However, the right mouse button is not totally neglected. Among other things, the right mouse button is used for copying waveform data to the clipboard, waveform scaling, selecting a waveform channel, centering the cursor on the screen, and moving the horizontal crosshair on a spectrum plot when in the WinDaq Waveform Browser FFT mode.


Since the majority of mouse procedures are done with the left mouse button, we will not specify which mouse button to click, drag, or double-click with in the procedures unless it is the right mouse button. When the right mouse button is required, it will be specified as such. For example, “Double-click the right mouse button anywhere in the bottom annotation line to move the cursor to the lowest displayed waveform valley.” When not specified, the left mouse button is assumed for the procedure.






Keyboard Conventions