File Freeze
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File Freeze



Executes the File Close and File Browse commands, minimizing acquisition until WinDaq Playback exits. This allows the WinDaq Playback View Event Marks command to see time stamps and comments, and the Edit Calibration commands to be used, including saving all or just the new calibration to the file. When WinDaq Playback exits, Acquisition reopens the file for append and assumes that amount of data to be appended is the amount remaining after the close. Insert Commented Mark may be used to enter a comment to be applied at the next File Record.



Activating Procedure


While in RECORD mode.


 In the File menu click on Freeze.


  Choose File Freeze (ALT, F, F).


The WinDaq Playback software will immediately open allowing you to view the recorded data. Closing WinDaq Playback will take you immediately back to WinDaq Acquisition.