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Record Next File on Full

Enables/disables the ability to automatically close a full file, enter a new file name, and start recording another new file. For example, say you are acquiring data and the file becomes full much sooner than you anticipated, yet you still need more data. If this preference is disabled, you would have to close this full file and then select the Open command from the File menu to name and open a new file, thus continuing the acquisition session but losing data while doing all of the file manipulating. If this preference is enabled, the last character of the old filename is automatically incremented when full and recording is started automatically to this new filename. If this new file is allowed to become full, the last character of this new filename is decremented (effectively getting you back to the file you started with) and recording automatically continues (thus overwriting the old data file). Recording continues alternately between this pair of files until it is stopped by the user.


For example suppose this preference is enabled, you are acquiring data to a file called RAT.WDQ, and it is approaching full size. When full, recording will automatically continue but to a different file called RAU.WDQ. Similarly, recording will automatically continue but to file RAT.WDQ when RAU.WDQ reaches full size.


The last character of the filename (excluding the file extension, if any) is the character that is incremented/decremented.


If a file with the new name already exists, the file is automatically deleted before the new one is opened.


There is a discontinuity between the data at the end of one file and the start of the next, but it is short if your computer system is not busy with other tasks such as reading disk drives or printing.


If the Open New File on Full preference is also selected and the old filename (excluding extension) ended in numeric digits (e.g., WEASEL1.WDQ), the numeric portion is automatically incremented (e.g., WEASEL2.WDQ). If the numeric suffix of the old name is all nines (e.g., WEAS9999.WDQ), the new name will wrap back to all zeroes without incrementing the preceding character (e.g., WEAS0000.WDQ).


To enable this preference (if disabled) or disable it (if enabled):


 In the Preferences sub-menu click on Record Next File on Full.


  Choose Edit Preferences Record Next File on Full (ALT, E, P, R).


When the Record Next File on Full Preference is enabled, a check mark is displayed on the Edit Preferences submenu immediately preceding the Record Next File on Full command.