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Adjusted Area

Calculating Adjusted Area

When an X-Y plot is displayed with one or multiple area fills, an adjusted area may be displayed that includes all X-Y traces passing through the filled area as well as half of the fill area's border. To adjust the enclosed area(s) and calculate the area it occupies:


  In the XY menu click on Adjust Area.


   Choose X-Y Adjust Area (ALT, X, J).


When the adjust area function is activated, the desired plot area is adjusted and the analysis reporting area will display:


Where the value to the left of NEWAREA is the amount by which the area was adjusted (the amount occupied by the traces passing through the fill and half of the fill’s border), and the value to the left of ADJAREA is the total area fills plus the value shown to the left of NEWAREA).


Selecting Adjust Area a second time causes the value to the left of NEWAREA to exclude the internal traces, which were included the first time the command was selected.