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Special Considerations

When the data cursor is turned on, a check mark is displayed in the Options menu immediately preceding the Data Cursor command. This check mark indicates that the cursor is enabled, even though it might not be immediately obvious on the screen because of its position at the far right or left margin of the display or because it is otherwise obscured. When the cursor is turned off, the check mark is not displayed.


Note that highest peak and lowest valley searches can also be done within the limits of a selection rectangle.


The left and right screen limits for highest peak and lowest valley searches can also be made narrower than the actual amount of data displayed on the screen if the screen is split into two panes. Once split into two panes, the View More Bottom Y command is used to make the left and right screen limits appear as dotted lines. The Left Limit and Right Limit commands now enable you to select the dotted line screen limits for repositioning by the mouse or cursor keys. Note that you can not go past the center solid cursor with either limit.