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IFT Generation

After editing the power spectrum, it is possible to perform an IFT by:


  In the Transform menu click on Inverse Transform.


   Choosing Transform Inverse Transform (ALT, T, I).


This generates a waveform in Y-T window 2 representing the edited power spectrum currently plotted in the FFT plot area. This new waveform will be scaled like the original as well as having the current compression factor, but will appear multiplied by the data window if an FFT was applied. From this point, the IFT waveform may be further examined or exported (using the Extract Channels function) by using the analysis functions provided by the WinDaq Waveform Browser from within the FFT mode or after exiting the FFT mode by pressing CTRL+Y.


Note that when an IFT is generated, the previous IFT (if any) is not saved and therefore cannot be pasted together to form a large waveform made up of several sections of different IFT's. The waveform originally occupying window 2 is deactivated, not removed from the waveform file. Window annotation “2=0” at the bottom of the screen is automatically enabled by the software when it displays the IFT waveform. The original waveform may be restored by typing




where x is the channel number of the originally displayed waveform.