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Assign Range

This function is similar to the Variable Waveform Assignments function in that it allows channel assignment to a specific display window, however this function allows you to assign a block of any enabled consecutive ADC channels rather than just a single channel. To assign a range of channels, you must first select the display window in which you would like the block of channels to begin.


  Clicking the left mouse button in the unselected channels annotation margin.


   Typing the number or letter of the display window that contains the waveform to be adjusted.


The focal point for selecting the desired display window is the variable waveform assignment indicator of each channel. This is the two-element equality (X=Y) displayed for every enabled ADC channel. Element “X” is the display window number or letter and element “Y” is the ADC channel number assigned to the window. Element “X” (the display window) is always the element specified to enable the waveform contained in that window for adjustment. When a display window is selected, a highlighted box surrounds the X=Y annotation, indicating that the window is enabled for adjustment.


When the desired display window is selected, the channel range can be assigned.


  In the View menu click on Assign Range….


   Choose View Assign Range… (ALT, V, G).


This causes the channel number (element “Y”) in the highlighted box surrounding the X=Y annotation to blink. Enter the new or desired channel number here. If the box is still blinking after typing fewer than the maximum number of digits, press a non-numeric key to stop it from blinking.


Display windows appearing on the monitor below the selected one are now assigned consecutively higher numbered channels while the display windows appearing on the monitor above the selected one are now assigned consecutively lower numbered channels.


For example, say you have 16 channels of data enabled for acquisition but for some reason can only display 8 at a time on your monitor. You can use the Assign Range… command to conveniently see the remaining eight channels of data. Just select display window 1, select Assign Range… from the View menu, and enter 8 in the blinking box. Instead of channels 0 through 7, display windows 1 through 8 now show channels 8 through 15.