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Using the calibration facilities built into WinDaq acquisition and browser software, it is possible to redefine the values of acquired data to other units besides volts (see Waveform Calibration - EU Settings). For example, a channel may be calibrated in units of PSI even though actual data referenced to the input of the A-D converter is in volts. The "Reset all EU" function allows you to revert from calibrated units (engineering units) back into volts. Such an action may be convenient should you need to verify your assumptions regarding the relationship of volts to calibrated units. When you revert from calibrated units into volts, selecting the Restore all EU function a second time will allow you to return to calibrated units. Any changes that are caused by activating this command are permanently saved to the file only when you close the file and select either the "Save Calibration" or "Save All" option. Note that the Restore all EU function has no affect on channels generated by any Advanced CODAS functions.


Activating Procedure

  In the Edit menu click on Restore all EU....


   Choose Edit Restore Calibration (ALT, E, S).


This will bring up the following command button box:



Choosing Yes will toggle between calibrated units and volts for all channels (to reset a single channel use the Reset EU command). Choosing No will leave the data as is.





CTRL + F10

Opens command button box.


Toggles between calibrated units and volts.