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Article Title DATAQ Products Involved
2004 Reader's Choice Award Best Data Acquisition Product Evaluation Engineering DI-158 Series
Rocket Motor Test Stand Operation and Data Recording AeroRocket DI-158UP and WinDaq Software
A PC-Based Physiological Training System NASA Tech Briefs WinDaq Software
Evaluation of Inspiratory Rise Time and Inspiration Termination Criteria in New Generation Mechanical Ventilators: A Lung Model Study (PDF format) Respiratory Care WinDaq Software
Worldwide Magnetic Recordings of Satellite Reentry WinDaq Software
The Effects of Short-Duration, Moderate Intensity Aerobic Training on Autonomic Cardiovascular Regulation and Orthostatic Tolerance Michigan Technological University WinDaq Software
Pharmacological of the Response of the Leech Pharynx to Acetylcholine (PDF format) Journal of Experimental Zoology WinDaq Software
Regulation of Pharyngeal Motility by FMRF Amide and Related Peptides in the Medicinal Leech, Hirudo Medicinalis (PDF format) Invert Neurosci WinDaq Software

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