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50% Off Out-of-Warranty DI-5B Modules

We have twelve, never-been-opened DI-5B isolated amplifier modules of various models that we are offering at a 50% discount. Each is in its own sealed bag as it came from the manufacturer, along with calibration information. They are officially out-of-warranty, but we guarantee that each will work the first time you connect it or we'll take it back and refund your purchase price. Remember, 5B amplifier modules are like hockey pucks. They're almost impossible to destroy while deployed in an application, and human hands haven't touched these since they were manufactured.

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Modules Available

Model Number Description Datasheet Quantity Manufacture Date Regular Price Sale Price
DI-5B31-02 Isolated voltage input amplifier. Narrow bandwidth. Measures ±5V. Datasheet 1 March 2007 $150 $75
DI-5B38-33 Isolated half bridge strain gage input amplifier. Excitation: 3.3V @ 3mV/V 100Ω min. Input: ±10mV. Datasheet 4 June 2007 $180 $90
DI-5B38-35 Isolated full bridge strain gage input amplifier. Excitation: 10V @ 2mV/V 300Ω min. Input: ±20mV. Datasheet 1 July 2009 $180 $90
DI-5B42-01 Isolated 2-wire transmitter input amplifier. Input: 4mA to 20mA. Output: 1V to 5V. Datasheet 1 August 2007 $205 $102.50
DI-5B43-03 Isolated DC LVDT input amplifier. Input ±3V. Output: ±5V. Datasheet 3 November 2005 $205 $102.50
DI-5B45-06 Isolated frequency input amplifier. Input: 0Hz to 25kHz. Output: 0V to 5V. Datasheet 1 September 2006 $180 $90
DI-5B47K-04 Linearized, isolated Type K thermocouple input amplifier. Input: 0°C to +1000°C. Output: 0V to 5V. Datasheet 1 May 2006 $205 $102.50

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DI-5B Isolated Industrial Amplifiers