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Data Acquisition Solutions for Science Education -- Discontinued

Bright Science LLC offers a wonderful and very popular array of how-to science fair projects for the amateur scientist. Many of these require a PC-based data logger or data acquisition system, and DATAQ Instruments' Starter Kits are inexpensive and wonderfully suited for many of these applications. However, for a variety of technical and safety reasons, none of our products should be considered appropriate for the project titled "Home Is Where the ECG Is," or any other in the series that may involve the monitoring of human subjects' electrical activity with electrodes.

Science Buddies ( is a non-profit organization that provides excellent guidance and information for science fair projects at all skill levels (plus, all of the information is free). They have a wide variety of detailed projects as well as a Topic Selection Wizard to help guide you to the right project for you.

Receive a FREE DI-145 for your Science Fair Project. Kids can get a free starter kit for use in their science fair project. All we ask is that you send us a summary and photo of you and your project at the science fair that we can place on this website. Go to Science Fair Project Submission Form.

Questions? Questions regarding this offer as well as completed projects should be directed to