Mar 23 (4 days ago)
DI-149 Inaccuracy Clarification
I'm looking to use the DI-149 to measure a voltage that is about ~225 mV. This pretty low level but nominally equates to about 19 counts which should be adequate. However, the datasheet lists the DI-...
Mar 14 (12 days ago)
Isolated inputs
Are the inputs isolated on the DI-149? ie, may I connect inputs to sources from different power supplies? Kevin, DI-149 channels are not isolated. You would need to be very mindful of common mode vol...
Mar 14 (13 days ago)
Flatlining of data
Kjartan, Please reply with the WinDaq (.wdq) data file attached. What is the make/model of the pressure sensor? Regards, Shawn MacDonald Application Engineer DATAQ Instruments Inc. Hello, I us...
Mar 12 (14 days ago)
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Dec 27 (2 months ago)
Hi, I am actually a new user, so i don't have that much idea about this device. I am using DI-710 ULS. Actually i don't know how to connect my car sensors to this device. I have read the manual and ha...
Dec 20 (3 months ago)
DI 145 recording zero to 150 PSI pulses and getting vertical lines instead of wave
how do i change the separate vert lines to one continuous line looking like waves? thank you   Hello Howard, What is a typical pulse width? What is your sample rate? Can you attach a recording to y...
Oct 18 (5 months ago)
Ac motor run and sensor readings
Hi Everyone. I am new in using a Labview and DAQ devices. Doing a project in college this year. My question would be: what hardware required to run AC blower motor and get readings from sensors. ...
Sep 14 (6 months ago)
Connect an audio interface to DI-720-USB
Hi, I have a DI-720-USB with CABL-4 (16 BNC Female to 37-Pin D-Type Female). I’m going to use it for converting the analog signal from an audio interface (Behringer FCA610) into digital signal, and I...
Aug 28 (6 months ago)
DI-148U - S/N 4C1773B7 -- Compatible with Win 8.1?, Drivers? Windaq software version? - - or just order a new DI-145
Purchased 2010? - still have original Windaq CD. Thanks for recommendation - Roland Smith Roland, You can download the latest installation for your DI-148U at:
Aug 18 (7 months ago)
DI 718BX fan noise
I have a DI 718BX that has been in continuous operation since May 2007. The cooling fan has always made a high pitched whine, not too loud. But now it has started to make lower pitched noises; by co...
Jul 19 (8 months ago)
DI-155 on a Mac...
Hi! Question - does anyone have any knowledge of the DI-155 successfully working on a Mac :o ??? OS X has a built-in virtual serial port... I know that some of the latest versions of OS X has had is...
Jul 06 (8 months ago)
Is it possible to have the source code of this dll? I would like to use it with .net core. Thank you. What specific data acquisition hardware model are you considering? We own the DI-145 We do not r...
Jun 16 (9 months ago)
DATAQ DI-115 : Recovery from lockup after starting streaming
I have a simple python driver that communicates with the DATAQ using pyserial. The device works as expected, however if I "start" streaming then kill my script before "stop"ing, I cannot communica...
May 12 (10 months ago)
How can use Digital Output? DI-149
Hi. I have DI-149. I can how to use Analog Input. but How can I control Digital Output? I want make PWM Signal.(200Hz, 50% Duty Cycle) Is it possible? and It is possible to Check Dutycycle & Hz? ...
Apr 17 (11 months ago)
Wiring to make DI-149 less susceptible to static
Hello, I am trying to incorporate a DI-149 into a test system for a temperature chamber. In my testing, I have seen the unit 'lock up' several times when the user first comes in contact with the test ...
Apr 06 (11 months ago)
I am trying to connect an Omega Engineering LC901-3/8-10K load cell to the DI-149. Can you give me some suggestions?
I have the software operating. I just need the wiring It looks like this sensor is unamplified with a sensitivity of 2 mV/V. If so, it is not suitable for use with the DI-149, which has a fixed measu...
Apr 04 (11 months ago)
load cell
can DI-145 and WinDaq/XL be used to acquire data from simple load cell and if so, how? We need the electrical specs of the load cell to answer this question. Can you provide them, or at least a comple...
Mar 23, 2016
DI-730USB recording current
I have a current transformer with current output 33.33mA. How do I able to record this signal by my DI-730USB and DI-78B? Thanks! Lawrence, You would need to connect a shunt resistor across one of th...
Mar 17, 2016
DI-710-UHS: Do these loggers have an automatic power off mode during inactivity?
I'm currently attempting to log data stand-alone using SD card recording, however I'm having issues being able to maintain the static green LED to the unit following disconnection from the USB port on...
Mar 11, 2016
data acquisition system
Hi, I have a electromechanical system that i want to monitor. It is 110v. Can i just use the Model DI-145 to monitor if a circuit is closed or not. I don't care about voltage. I just want to moni...