Jun 13 (13 days ago)
Old threads are not available?
Dear Dataq, In 2008 I bought DI720-USB to read 4 channels signals by SDK DLL or WinDaq ActiveX control, my sincere thank goes to the administrato...
May 11 (46 days ago)
DI-2108 equivalent of DI-155 SDK function NewDataMinimum
In the DI-155 SDK interface you can set the NewDataMinimum property which controls the number of samples buffered by the SDK system before calling the user data handling routine.  With this set to 1 a...
Apr 27 (60 days ago)
x86 vs x64 .Net SDK DLLs
Hi, This is probably an obvious answer.  I just installed the .Net SDK on a Win 7 x64 system using all the defaults and noticed that the SDK target directory was "c:\program files\DATAQ Instruments", ...
Mar 06 (3 months ago)
Controlling Di-149 via java
Hi, I need to control the DI-149 device via java but am struggling to find how to do this. I'm capable of recognising the device as a COM port and have the list of protocols but am failing to send or ...
Feb 22 (4 months ago)
Discovery.DiscoverAllDevices() returns null
I've been working with a Dataq DI-149 in .NET. I've noticed that Discovery.DiscoverAllDevices() will return a null value if I unplug the dataq and plug it into a different USB port. This sure seems ...
Feb 14 (4 months ago)
DataQ SDK support for Win32 console application
Hi, I am looking to see if there is a way to use the DataqSDK in a Win32console type project rather than form and activex based project. The particular hardware I use is DI-710. I would appreciate som...
Feb 13 (4 months ago)
Using Di-710 USB with Python
Hi, I have been using the DI-710 with Windaq for a while now but now I need to use Python to gather data from my DI-710. What would be the easiest way to get started? I can see the SDK is well availab...
Jan 09 (5 months ago)
Capture data with an accurate time stamp
Hello all, I am trying to write a very simple program on Windows 10 with Visual Studio .net 2015 with a DI-149 and the dataq.simple hardware library. Simply put, I would like to capture data at fai...
Oct 25 (8 months ago)
.wdh FIle Format
I am writing a Python program to analyze data from my DI-2108. While I can post process collected data into a CSV file and process from that it would be faster if I could read the .wdh file directly. ...
Apr 13, 2016
Need help, trying to build a program using the di-145. I need data read from one input only and only every 15 seconds.
I've got communications to the device no problems there, but can't seem to get only one sample every 15 seconds, the data doesn't seem to follow the input voltage ie.. if i put 5 volts on it it will s...
Apr 01, 2016
DI_155 Software with more advanced capability?
Does DataQ or any 3rd party vendor provide a more advanced or capable alternative to the free WinDAQ software? I have seen references to a PRO version but I cannot find anything on the web site. I k...
Mar 14, 2016
What would make the DI-155 suddenly stop communicating?
I have a machine automation program written in VB.NET that uses the DI-155. The program typically runs fine, but occasionally - and I cannot isolate any difference in situation - the number of scans ...
Oct 03, 2015
How do I read values from DI-718B data logger through ethernet with LabVIEW 2014?
I have DI-718B data logger with ethernet connection and static IP address assigned. Data logger is receiving signals on three channels, all from Futek PFP 350 pressure sensors. I prefer to keep the ...
Oct 01, 2015
How can I implement a C# application using a DLL without using the visual control from the toolbox?
I have no problem dragging the control onto the form and using it as described. However, I would like to create a library that I can use in multiple projects. I am using the MVC pattern and would li...
Sep 24, 2015
DI-148/158 Reading Digital Input
Hi all, I'm trying to do what should be fairly simple: read a digital input line (port) from a DI-158 module. I know there is the "AnaDigAcq" example online, but this plots the digital port state on ...
Aug 20, 2015
DataqDevice.GetInterleavedScaledData() Blocking or Buffering?
I read through the SK Scan Mode Example and they use a GetInterleavedScaledData call to get the data from the device. My question is what happens if there is no data yet available? Is this a blocking ...
Aug 10, 2015
Using the .NET v1 SDK, How can I chart with DQChart
Using SDK v.1... I would like to insert a DQChart for each channel monitored via DI-149. The goal is to display live feed on a custom GUI. In addition, I would like to get the raw data so that it can ...
Jul 09, 2015
How can I configure sample rate to one sample per 2 seconds on DI-155?
I want to know What do I need to change if I want one sample per 2 seconds, actually my system is configured to give me one sample rate per second the parameters are in this way: .ADChannelCount = 5...
Jun 29, 2015
DI-718BX Counts to volts
DI-718BX Anyone work with the SDK and the 718. Trying to figure out how to convert counts to volts the right way. Do I average the points on each channel first? Is this the correct counts to volts con...
May 18, 2015
DI-245 Comm Protocol "chn" command
I am writing a C#.Net application to be used with the DI-245 and am having difficulty adding more than 2 channels to the scan list using the "chn" command. My goals is this: 1. Enable analog channel ...