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Jul 21 (11 months ago)
Does the Excel limit on rows in a file apply when acquiring data?
I need to acquire data at 100 Hz for 90 minutes- 540,000 points. Will WinDaq handle that - if so, how does it deal with the limits on rows in excel files? Timothy, I'm not sure what hardware you're ...
Oct 19, 2015
How do i use Windaq/XL with Excel 2013?
Im on a mac running VMware and windows 10. the Windaq software (free) works great. I really need the realtime integration with excel to calculate the rate of climb in my kiln. I just got Windaq/XL key...
May 12, 2014
using excel 2013 with this software
My company just upgraded to the 2013 version of excel and now I can't get this program to run. I need it in order to do testing for circuit boards we produce. Is there a newer version of this that c...
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Sep 06, 2013
Need to move WinDaq to a new PC
We have ordered a new rack mount PC for data acquisition to replace a laptop where our WinDaq software is currently installed. Could you send me any instructions for moving our WinDaq to a new machine...
Jun 23, 2013
DI - 149
Dear Sir We are using a data logger (DI- 149) to record the conductivity and PH readings. I have perchased the product (Windaq/XL-EMAIL) to import the readings to excel directly. But all along I have ...