Apr 25, 2016
Data logger standalone.
You have nice data logers, My question is: some of these is capable to record a time series signal (input in mV) inserting a time line ?. May be using an clock synchronized with GPS cloks. While ne...
Oct 28, 2015
GL220 sat in storage for 6 months and now all 10 channels seem to be dead.
Could there be something that I am overlooking that will turn the channel inputs off with them turned on in the setup? With 5 volts applied with a calibrator, each channel only sees a few millivolts. ...
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Aug 23, 2015
Read CSV of logged data over the network? (GL820)
Is there a way to read a CSV (or some other easily-parsable form) of logged data over the network from a GL820? Josh, You can save data to a network drive in CSV format. To do so (in the GL220_820-A...
Apr 05, 2015
How to connect 2 GL220 to 1 PC
I saw that we need a USB HUB but that's all I found thank for your help dg Hi Daniel, In order to connect multiple GL220s to the same machine, you'll need to set different USB IDs. To do so, press...
Jan 17, 2015
I could not find the Labview drivers of the GL800 MIDILOGGER. what can i do??
i want to connect that device serially with my pc and aquire the readings from it.but i cannot see it in MAX. and the commands are also absent in the user manuals. plz help me. Pooja, For a quick re...
Dec 22, 2014
Hi, I bought a datalogger in type of GL220. Can I take strain and voltage values wtih this type of datalogger? Voltages will be from a power supplier in max. 30 V, 0-5 A. If can not, what can I do? ...
Dec 03, 2014
Data Logger- LASCAR- EL-WIFI- T
I have couple questions. 1. I installed the software and configured to the PC which we are going to collect the data. When I check the Device properties, I am not seeing IP ( I configured with Fixed I...
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Sep 30, 2014
I have a EL-USB-1-PRO high temperature data logger, see below for my question.
I am looking for any electromagnetic environmental effect(s) (EMI/EMC) documentation available on the equipment. Any available documentation showing compliance to a particular standard would be greal...