Dec 05 (7 months ago)
Time and Date: EL-USB-1-PRO
Love the logger. I'm wondering what date/time stamps will be on the data. Is it the computer that last starts the logger? I preconfigured the loggers and sent them to a customer , stopped logging befo...
Sep 09, 2015
Can a EL-USB-1 or 2 withstand X-ray radiation and will the unit absorb the radiation or not?
We are needing to track the temperature in an x-ray booth becasue we are losing graphix boards and the company is saying our booth may be getting too hot. Will Hi Matt, I've forwarded you inquiry to...
Aug 30, 2015
Is it possible to recover the data ?
Hello, I have an EL-USB-1-LCD Stand-alone Temperature Data Logger. Due to a bad manipulation, it appears that the data concerning the temperatures has been lost. Even if I think it's imppssible, I wou...
Jul 22, 2015
How to improve sensor response time for EL-USB-2-LCD+
I'm an HVAC engineer. I'm using this data logger for room temperature and humidity monitoring purposes. I've noticed that this device responds relatively slowly to changes in temperature and humidit...
May 20, 2015
Is accuracy the concern if using EL-USB-LCD to measure temperatures up to 100 deg C
Manufacturer spec for the EL-USB-LCD is -35 to 80 deg C. Only the probe gets warmer than ambient temperature (not the whole logger). We have been happily using several of these data loggers to measu...
Apr 19, 2015
Can the input voltage of an EL-USB-5 go negative?
I would like to connect to a circuit that toggles ±12VDC. I see that the maximum input voltage is 28 volts for my EL-USB-5, but can't find if reverse voltage is allowed. Thanks, Nathan Nathan, The ...
Apr 18, 2015
I am looking at the EL-WiFi-TP temperature data loggers, had a couple of questions.
Hope i am in right site for question. <br> I have been task to install 3 wireless temperature points in 3 remote water discharge pipes. I have already install wells in all three. Will these uni...
Apr 12, 2015
rma 2202
i´ve sent the unit back RMA 2202 I remind that the protectiive boot was not sent as described on the site:"Includes an EL-EnviroPad-TC data logger, a 1-meter USB cable, a 1-meter K-type thermocouple ...
Mar 18, 2015
what technology does the EL-USB-2 use for measuring humidity?
I am looking for a sensor to measure humidity from 0% to 40% RH at room temperature and most do not have good accuracy below 10% - what technology do you use (capacitive, resistive, thermal)? What is ...
Mar 17, 2015
what technology does the EL-USB-2+ use for measuring humidity?
Do you have a data sheet that explains the operation (the basic technology is either capacitive, resistive or thermal) for humidity measurement of the EL-USB-2+<br>thanks,<br>Dave Sorry, n...
Jan 17, 2015
Please HELP. PC screen gone off
I logged my CO data logger on windows PC and I had just selected the start date and time when the logger started flashing (I cannot remember which one was it). I ejected it off the PC and the PC scre...
Nov 19, 2014
Will data be lost if battery is removed?
I have a EL-USB-1 that seems to be dead. It's been deployed for about four months, and the computer does not see it when I plug it into any USB port. I'm running Windows Vista, and didn't have any pro...