Keyboard Operations
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Keyboard Operations

 This section explains the keyboard operations used with WinDaq.


Vertical Navigation

Up expands waveform to twice its size.

Down shrinks waveform to half its size, making rest of commands move farther.

Page Up offsets selected strip up 1 pixel toward top of waveform.

Page Down offsets selected strip down 1 pixel toward bottom of waveform.

- offsets selected strip up 10 pixels toward top of waveform.

+ offsets selected strip down 10 pixels toward bottom of waveform.


Selecting a Strip

Type the strip number (1-9 or A-W), but not higher than the highest strip number visible in the current screen format. Type 0 to de-select the selected strip.


Assigning a Channel

If a strip is selected (number in reverse video), type "=" and the channel number. If rectangle is still flashing after typing 1, press a non-numeric key to terminate the entry.



Press ALT, then F, then X, use ← or → to select appropriate button, and Enter to push it.