Reference Materials
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Reference Materials

Activation of WinDaq/High Speed Option

Activation of WinDaq/High Speed Option (WinDaq/HS) for DI-148, DI-149, DI-155, DI-158, DI-710, and DI-715B products.


Add-on Programs

3rd party plug-in add on programs for WinDaq Acquisition Software.


Channel Selection Guide for DI-500, DI-510, DI-750, and DI-760 Products



Data Storage Format

Introduction to the CODAS Data Storage Format (WinDaq data).


Demonstration Videos

Shockwave Flash Tutorials and Demonstration Videos.


Different Ways of Allocating Memory


Gain Factors and Full Scale Range

Complete list of Gain Factors and Full scale range for all supporting Hardware.


Recovery after a crash

Beginning with version 3.17 of WinDaq Acquisition software, Event Markers, Comments, and Channel Annotations may be recovered.


Registering your Hardware

Register your Hardware quickly and easily.


XY Viewer

XY Viewer utility Instructions.


Technical Support

Useful links and information for Technical Support issues for all DATAQ Instruments Products.