Add Ons
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Add Ons

Note: Sample Rate, Channels, and Channel Settings can not be changed while running any add-on program. File > Open to append to an existing file and File > Open Reference File should also be avoided.


Click on Add-ons in the View menu to access DATAQ Instruments add-on programs (like WinDaq/XL) or 3rd Party plug-in add-on programs to WinDaq Acquisition software. The Toolbox may also be accessed in this menu item.


WinDaq/XL is an extra cost add-on program from DATAQ Instruments. Go to the product page ( for more information regarding WinDaq/XL. Clicking on this menu item will take you directly to WinDaq/XL if installed or provide instructions for purchase if not installed. Help files are accessed inside the WinDaq/XL program.


The XYViewer (free - provided by DATAQ Instruments) add-on is installed when installing WinDaq. Help documentation is included in these help files under XY Viewer.


The Meter and Alarm add-on reports waveform data values in a digital meter-type display format. When enabled, alarms can be generated when signal passes high/low limits.


The Timer add-on features one "on" interval (recording) and one "off" interval (non-recording), which can be set for any length of time.


Go to the DATAQ Developer Network ( to check out all the available add-ons from DATAQ Instruments and from 3rd party contributors and to learn how to share your own add-on programs. You can also visit for a listing of add-ons and utility programs.